Android: Netrunner is a Living Card Game (LCG) produced by Fantasy Flight Games. Set in a dystopian future of the Android universe, the game pits a monolithic megacorps against a individualistic netrunners, both battling to take control of data and destroy each other.

This is an asymetric game where the Runner's goal is to gain seven or more agenda points by hacking the Corporation's servers and stealing their agenda cards. While defending against server attacks the Corporation's goal is also to gain seven or more agenda points by advancing and scoring their agenda cards. Each side have alternate winning scenarios based upon the Corporation having to draw from an empty draw pile, and the Runner being forced to discard from an empty hand.

Choose your deck from four Corporation faction or three Runner factions. Each faction has multiple identities that allow the player to manipulate their deck to enhance the style of their game.
Haas-bioroid Jinteki Nbn Weyland-consortium Anarch Criminal Shaper
Haas-Bioroid Jinteki NBN Weyland Consortium Anarch Criminal Shaper

The Core, starter, set comprises 252 cards to get you playing straight out of the box with minimal set up. The game has been enhanced with Data Pack (60 card) expansions, based on six pack cycles, released monthly. Deluxe (165 Card) expansions are also available to suppliment and enhance your decks.

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